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How long does it take to get started?

Depending on how busy we are, our first consultation can usually be booked in for the same week. If you're in a rush, just let us know!

How much does it cost? 

Our pricing is completely transparent. Most branding consultants choose not to share prices until later down the line - but we want you to know what you're investing in from the get-go. 

A full break down of our pricing can be found on the branding page - where you can see all of the packages and options we have available for you. 

What does the process look like? 

Fantastic question! Our process is broken down into four steps to make it as clear as possible for you: 

  1. Welcome!
    Once we've decided on a package and any extras, you'll receive a 'services agreement' to break down what we'll be working with. We'll also pop over a deposit invoice for 25%. 
    We will send over what we call our 'mood-board pack' ahead of our first discussion. We ask that you return this around a day before we meet, and this will help us to get an idea of your brand & aesthetic. 
  2. Concept
    It's time to get to work and define who your ideal target audience is. We will work together to build a mood-board (based on your answers) to explore where you see your brand visually, and what your ideal client is drawn to.
  3. Design
    Using the concept we have developed together, we will provide you with concepts for review (in PDF format). Then it's time to further refine until you are good-to-go.
  4. Deliver
    Your package will be delivered by email, with full instructions on what is included and how to use them. 
    Any extras (e.g. prints, materials, websites) will be delivered separately. 
    We'll hold a final consultation to ensure you're happy with the result, and to address any questions.

How do I pay? 

Once you've decided on your package and add-ons, we'll send you a deposit invoice for 25% of the total cost. We accept payment via our PayPal link or via BACS currently. 

Once your final revisions have been made and you are happy with the design concept, we will pop over a final invoice for payment. We'll then send you over your final package - exciting times! 

Can I get a discount? 

As compared to many branding consultants and packages, our prices are extremely competitive. The branding process is an art in itself, and we fully believe that our prices are a no-brainer investment for our clients. 


That being said, we do offer discounts to repeat clients (10%) and also to Black-Owned businesses (15%). 

Can't I just do my own branding? 

Of course! Many businesses decide to keep their branding in-house for a number of reasons. Working wih a branding specialist means you can leverage the specialisms in graphic design, market-knowledge, web design and much more. Ever been in a position where you can see the end-result in your head but can't get it down on paper? That's what we're here for!

I'm looking for something pretty custom and not a cookie-cutter job. How flexible can you be? 

Custom is our middle name. Each branding project is totally unique and tailored to your business, your personality, your client base, your target audience, your location, your preferred colour schemes and so much more. Need custom illustrations? We got you!


What types of businesses can you help? 


We work with (almost) literally any type of business - sole traders, clinics, business services, software companies, bars, restaurants, cafes, caterers, therapists and more. 


Unfortunately we can't work with you on any illegal setups (sorry, Heisenberg) and won't work with any campaigns or projects that reinforces any social prejudices or hate. We obviously don't expect this to be the case for any of our (lovely) clients, but wanted to flag to any critters lurking over there (we see you!). 

the branding

Your styling is very different to my own. Can you still work with me?

Yes! Our personal branding is feminine, fun and quirky. We also work with styles that are clean-cut business, dark and moody themes, bright and floral - you name it. 

The best thing about working with a branding consultant is that you have the opportunity. to identify, emphasise and refine your own style. There's absolutely nothing better than authenticity. 

How much input do I have over the branding? 

Every step of our process is designed to allow your input, and the end result is going to be a product of your own designs, helped along by us. You have the opportunity to feedback on our proposals throughout so that we can make changes (even U-turns!) at any point. 

I'd like to keep my existing branding but modernise. Can you work with that?  

Absolutely. For established businesses, we sometimes don't want to stray too far from what our client base is familiar with. We can work with existing colour palettes, themes and content to bring your existing brand to new heights. 

I have absolutely no idea what I want.

Not to worry! Our onboarding 'mood-board pack' is designed to help you understand your likes and dislikes,  and to nudge you in the right direction. You'll see examples of colour schemes and design layouts to get an idea of where you're headed. 

If you're still really struggling, we are here to help. We will show you examples of previous projects and even well-known brands to bundle together our inspiration. 

And don't worry - by standard, our packages allow us to provide you with multiple examples of your proposed branding with real-life photographic examples of what this would look like. 

I don't like pink. 

You're wrong, but OK. 

Just kidding - we don't need you to like pink. We work with businesses of any type, with styles of any kind! Want a vampiric theme? Hey, that's your prerogative...


Congrats on making it this far. Taking your business to the next level can be daunting, especially if you've stuck with the same image for a while. 

We've taken the time to address some common questions below, but if in doubt just reach out to us by heading over to our contact page, or by emailing us!

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