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This services agreement is to be used in combination with our services summary provided via email. When agreeing to our services summary and in providing your initial deposit, you are agreeing to the content of this services agreement as well as our terms and conditions

Some of our terms are referenced here (more succinctly), but please take the time to ensure you are familiar with the content of both agreements. 

Our services to you will be referenced in full in our services summary. This will include what work we are doing, and the end product that will be delivered to you. Any extra work not included within this summary may incur a further charge that will be agreed in advance.

A deposit of 25% of the total fee is payable on booking our services. This deposit is non refundable, except where you cancel within 24h of booking (or if we can't fulfil your booking). This is because once a booking is confirmed, we work to reserve time and gather project materials and specifications. 

Once the deposit has been paid, we can get to work. Meetings, consultations and revisions are held per the agreed package and summary. Once work is complete and your package is ready for delivery, the full fee is payable prior to handing over your materials. 

Payment is accepted via PayPal and email and you must provide your full name and business name for both methods. 

Use of materials
Once you have settled the balance in full, the materials provided are yours for use. You are not permitted to modify or repurpose these for commercial purpose.

Before the full balance is cleared, you are not permitted to use any content or materials provided to you in draft form or otherwise. This content remains the property of us, and if we understand you have been using this material for commercial purpose prior to full payment, the full balance will become immediately due. 

Use of our materials without any deposit payment or otherwise is not permitted, and if we understand you are using our materials (custom or otherwise), we reserve the right to request and receive payment for those goods per our standard pricing and/or hourly rate.  

Additional hours
We aim to include all required work and hours in our services summary, but there may be points at which you request or need further work. We will agree this with you in advance, and hourly costs are £50 ph if you're working with a package. 

If you're consulting us ad-hoc, the initial hourly rate is £70 ph and additional hours are charged at £50. 

Change of scope & revisions
Your package includes a defined number of revisions. We will always endeavour to be flexible in terms of revisions, however this may not always be possible within your reserved service time and revisions above your package deal in this instance will be costed per hour.
If your project scope significantly changes mid-way through our work together, we reserve the right to re-quote for the remainder of the work, depending on the amount of work and whether this will be covered within the original agreement.

We offer a 10% discount to returning customers, as well as a 15% discount to Black-owned businesses. We may occasionally offer promotions to new and existing customers and these will be provided on a discretionary basis. 
Promotions and discounts cannot be combined (one per order) and we reserve the right to withdraw these at any stage. 

Unless you have expressly requested otherwise, we reserve the right to include copies of your end-product materials in our marketing material including within our website portfolio and other materials. Any requests otherwise must be agreed at the point of order.  


services agreement

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